Betting on CS: GO

matches requires a good knowledge of the game. To win, you need to analyze the players, teams and tournaments, which increase in repliki znanych marek butik importance every year. According to NewZoo’s analytics, profits from eSports by 2020 will exceed $ 1.5 billion.

Betting on CS: GO matches is one of the most popular in modern e-sports. KS: GO – the third discipline in terms of views after Dot repliki aliexpress 2 and LoL. In 2018, the online shooter market generated $ 414 million in profit. The IEM Katowice 2019 tournament collected 51 million views on Twitch, and the shroud player’s channel is watched by 7.9 million subscribers on three platforms on csgo wagers calvin klein zegarki damskie podróbki

cs:go wagers

Betting CS: GO – features of the game and betting

To correctly make bets KS: GO, you must understand the basics of the game. Two teams of five participants fight each other. The “bad” place the bomb in 1 of 2 points on the map, and the “good” interfere with them or neutralize the explosives.

The peculiarity of the Counter-Strike betting market is a bet not only in money, but also in skins. Skins – cosmetic improvements for weapons and equipment. They can be sold and resold, placed in skin roulette.

Fantasy leagues are also held as part of real eSports championships KS: GO. League members make up “dream teams” from different players and earn points based on the performances of e-sportsmen.

CS: GO Match Betting – Matches and Rounds

The match goes on 1 of 7 tournament cards. Before the fight, a draft takes place – the teams choose the cards on which they will play further. At this moment, a connoisseur of excitement needs to know at what locations his team is doing best. For example, Team Liquid’s best CS: GO accounted for 87.5% of Overpass wins (it’s the most often played with them). A little less – on Inferno (81.8% of wins) and on Dust2 (73.3% of wins).